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Electrical Engineer

Designs and assists with the design of electronic and electromechanical parts and systems, encompassing analog, power and logic; including FPGAs and other programmable logic.


Job Overview

Designs and assists with the design of electronic and electromechanical parts and systems, encompassing analog, power and logic; including FPGAs and other programmable logic. Plans the implementation of the design including prototyping, testing, writing test plans and PCB layout with a PCB layout engineer. Simulates both digital and analog designs using available CAD tools such as PSPICE, ModelSim, Microwave Office and FPGA ISE/IDEs. Works with R&D management, materials experts, engineers, vendors and technicians in the performance of duties.

Designs are implemented using schematics, simulators and VHDL or Verilog including, but not limited to: gigabit serial interfaces, Radio Frequency (RF) and Electro-Optical, ultra-wide bandwidth multiphasic signal synthesis, DSP, controls, data links, embedded processing and processor interface

What You Will Do

  • Embedded system design, including SOC implementation
  • Analog and digital electronic circuitry
  • Implements FPGA-based designs with commercially available platforms
  • Designs with major FPGA vendors including Xilinx and others
  • Able to design high-speed as well as high-power circuitry with inductive loads
  • Able to place and/or coordinate the placement and routing of controlled impedance PCBs
  • Understanding of closed loop design techniques with multiple sensor inputs, multiple controls and signal outputs AKA SCADA
  • Ability to work with circuit card designers and system engineers to create requirements and architect new parts

The Skills You Need

  • BSEE and/or a demonstrated equivalent level of education and experience
  • Able to work as a team member in a diverse environment
  • Possess good skills interacting with people in a highly technical environment
  • Familiarity with electromagnetic assemblies and theory
  • Excellent Demonstrated Conceptual Skills
  • Excellent Verbal and Written Communication in English
  • Current Strong Functional and Technical Skills
  • Excellent Understanding of Controls and Instrumentation
  • Knowledge of use and implementation of Version Control Systems
  • Demonstrated expertise in digital design and VHDL/Verilog coding
  • Proven experience with embedded CPU and SOC development
  • Expertise of Xilinx (or Altera) devices and IDE/ISEs and flow tools such as Vivado
  • Expertise in FPGA timing constraint application and closure, as well as hands-on integration and debug experience with FPGA-based systems
  • Digital Signal processing (DSP) for FPGA devices, both programming and testing
  • Experience with analog circuit simulation
  • Experience in the simulation of digital design

Preferred Skills:

  • Understanding of the implementation of picosecond and femtosecond timing
  • Proven knowledge of GHz speed and RF PCB and system architecture
  • MATLAB scripting and simulation
  • MS or Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering would be a plus
  • Knowledge of C programming and scripting languages such as Perl or Python highly desired
  • High level language programming of FPGAs is a big plus
  • Knowledge of embedded systems using ARM, Microblaze or Nios processors is a strong plus
  • Experience with Virtex/Kintex and Spartan
  • Experience with frequency domain, clock domain and time-domain analysis
  • Experience using a Linux based development environment highly desired


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