Meet the Team

The Torus Tech team consists a very diverse group of scientists, engineers, technicians and business leaders who are focused on applying their talents to the mission of shifting the paradigm in science and technology with a Unified Science approach.  

Nassim Haramein

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Almida

Chief Operating Officer

Scott Brown

Chief Technology Officer

Amira Val Baker

Research Scientist - Astrophysicist

William Brown

Research Scientist - Biophysicist

Jeremy Pfeiffer

Research Scientist

Ali Yazdkhasti

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Russell McNeely

Senior Mechanical Engineer

John Wsol

Senior Software Engineer

Jason Baxter

Electronics Engineer

Christopher McNeely

CNC Mechanical Engineer

Nicolas Mensik

CNC Machinist

Ruan Macedo Do Nascimento

Labratory Technician

Kirk Frazer

Software Lab Tech

Trevor Millar

Lab Tech Apprentice

Vicky Tarr

Executive Assistant to Nassim Haramein

Alex Beyma

Junior Electrical Engineer

Hedyeh Afshar

HR Manager | Office Manager

Christian Haase

Engineering Administrative Assistant